Main FeaturesExpected Results
Detect collection of personal and sensitive information Reduce your risk of violating the updated Google Play User Data policy December 16, 2020.  
Learn about who collects what data and for what purpose Detections are displayed by Data Types such as Contact Info, to help you quickly and easily understand how this data is linked or used to track your users by third-party partners and without your knowledge.  
Compare SDK data collection by mobile app versions Compare total/new SDKs and total/new Detector identifications of previous versions easily and quickly against the version being reviewed all on one screen. This is also colour coded to improve publishing efficiencies.  
Turn Verbose Mode OFF                                                 Track data being transmitted off the device with or without your knowledge.  
Add a Privacy Label to your website, privacy policy or app Run analysis on a new version of your app and then download a user-friendly Privacy Label that can be used on your website or in your app, to keep your users updated about your data collection practices.  
Review iOS third-party SDK data collection practices Use ASAnalyzer to check whether iOS third-party SDK API documentation highlights collection of the same personal and sensitive information as on Android.  

Updated: 14th January 2021
Platform Supported: Android