Main FeaturesExpected Results
Google Play complianceComply with the new Google Play safety policy on the type of data collected, stored and for what purpose
Qualify third-party SDKsDrill down into the code to understand the data collection points your SDK providers might be collecting and for what purpose
View by data typeView the data collection points by different types of data, such as Usage Data, Location or User Content
Multiple version analysisManage data collection points by multiple versions of the same Android game as well as third-party and open-source SDKs
Developer reviewCheck off each data collection point and review what data collection points and SDKs have been added, not changed, or removed  
Create Privacy Labels Displays the type of data collected by SDK, which is designed to increase player trust and transparency  

Note. ASAnalyzer will also work with the Google Play SDK Console, which is expected to launch later this year.

Updated: 21 May 2021