Main FeaturesExpected Results
New! Qualify third-party data collection points You can now drill down into the code to better understand the data collection points you and your partners should be collecting and why
Track data collection points by mobile game or SDK versionOptimise third-party SDK data collection points, so you, your developers and third-party partners can now make confident data informed decisions
Create Privacy Labels by mobile game version Engage your players with confidence that they now no longer need to take action to withdraw their consent, because you have increased user trust and transparency versus the competition
Group data collection points by data type                                  Data collection is grouped by different types such as Usage Data or User Content to help you have deeper understanding of the player data being collected and why by your third-party partners
Statistical data analysis reportingReview and compare the data collection points by analysis date, SDK version and or mobile game versions, so you can make highly detailed data informed decisions  
Review iOS third-party SDK data collection points Use ASAnalyzer to quickly check whether iOS third-party SDK documentation highlights the same data collection points as on Android  

Note. If your mobile game is using an SDK version that may cause your app to be non-compliant with Google Play’s Developer Programme Policies, you should use ASAnalyzer to help with compliance.

Updated: 15 March 2021