On-Premises (Enterprise Solution)*

ASAnalyzer has been specifically designed to be used on your premises by publishers or studios who have a large library of Android mobile games, easy for you to install and efficient to support. On-premises (Enterprise Solution) includes the AppSecTest Hosting benefits as well as the following:

On-Premises Benefits
– Host ASAnalyzer fully on-premises in your data center or in a private cloud 
– Unlimited Upload and analysis and create reports when you add new or updated SDKs
– Regular product updates including performance improvements and Detector updates
– Support with setting up and maintaining ASAnalyzer

* Don’t want to use a white-label version? We also have an open API. Get in touch to learn more.

Our Strategy

We want to offer developers and publishers a cost effective third-party SDK analysis of Android apps and games to help comply with the new Google Play Data safety section.

Updated: 18 October 2021