ASAnalyzer has been specifically designed to be used on your premises by publishers or studios who have a large library of Android mobile games, easy for you to install and efficient to support. On-premises includes the AppSecTest Hosting benefits as well as the following:

On-Premises Benefits
– Host ASAnalyzer fully on-premises in your data center or in a private cloud 
– Unlimited Upload and analysis and create privacy labels when you add new or updated SDKs
– Regular product updates including performance improvements and Detector updates
– Support with setting up and maintaining ASAnalyzer *

* ASAnalyzer currently supports Jira issue tracking integration. Let us know if you want us to support another issue tracking software.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to exclusively sell our technology to one mobile game distribution platform. Why?

We want millions of mobile game developers to be able to eliminate the need to read through third-party SDK documents and thousands of lines of code, when trying to comply with the spoon to launch safety section in Google Play. (Announced 6 May 2021).

Updated: 6 May 2021