Welcome to the AppSecTest Privacy Policy

The AppSecTest Privacy Policy has been designed to be easy to understand. We continually review this policy:

  • This Website collects site visits, page views and other device specific information. This data analytics is used to optimize site performance.
  • We do not share Website data collected from the site or through the registration process with any first or third parties.
  • We never share developer App/SDK or personal identifiable information (PII) i.e. when you register with us with any parties.
  • We download Apps for testing from the iOS App Store and Google Play. If we find security or privacy issues we will notify the developer.
  • As part of our testing we never collect personal identifiable information (PII) apart from when you register with us.
  • Testing is always conducted in a controlled testing environment to mitigate the risk of data leakage and public exposure.

If you have any questions or information to share about our Privacy Policy, please contact security@appsectest.com

Please include our PGP public key if your information is sensitive: https://asanalyzer.co.uk/7357100A.asc

Latest revision: 29th October 2019